Gérard Pariche Nigermat

In a few words...

In 1979 the company’s founder, Gérard PARICHE, is a master craftsman. At the time, he was mainly decorating glass bottles in house for the most famous perfumers and glass companies.
In 1981, PARICHE had developed its acid-etch technology and had become an expert in frosting glass bottles.
In parallel, Gérard PARICHE has founded a new company called Nigermat offering a large range of techniques such as silk-screen printing and sandblasting.
In 2004, a “mini revolution” took place at PARICHE with the creation of a complementary business: spray coating.
Today, PARICHE facility operates with almost 200 employees right in the heart of the “Glass Valley”.
PARICHE and NIGERMAT can offer you a wide variety of creative decorating techniques.


Frosting is the company’s historic Business. PARICHE has now automated frosting lines and is at the forefront of both French and European frosting industries regarding environment thanks to its treatment plant which is leader in innovation.

Spray Coating

Created in 2004, spray coating is the leading activity at PARICHE and largely contributes to its expansion. Spray coating provides a wide palette of colors, shades and special finishes and texture that will make any bottle a piece of art. With five high-tech production lines using the most innovative technology (hydro spray coating), PARICHE is committed to lessening its impact on the environment.

And more...

PARICHE can achieve special finishes such as concrete aspect, mirror spray, pearl, metallic, soft finishes, 2 color partial spray coating with or without masking, masking for frosting. Ask us for the impossible and we will give it a shot!